You write with an honesty that allowed me to experience your journey along with you.  I could really feel your longing and yearning.  It is very brave to share that, since most folks think there is something wrong with us if we feel the pull of some things. Things which we perhaps cannot even name. I could also identify with being overwhelmed with so much beauty.  —Jenifer Pinchinson

Lovely writings.  Very introspective and lyrical. Great job!  —Tom Maddox

I really like it, felt like I was there, felt the emotions too. Keep writing!!!!
— Susan Sternberg

As I read this…I am right there with you, with your emotion…and it made me cry, especially when you talked of deserve that !! —Caroline O’Brien

Very good, very touching glimpse of the layers of your feelings about B and the experience of Italy.  I totally understand that paradox since I lived in Italy for 14 years enjoying the awe of the place while at the same time mourning a marriage that was dying.  So bitter sweet are my memories of those days.

Keep going – only respond to your own feelings about your writing, never about someone else’s feelings about it. —Bonnie Peavy

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