2014. Bookmarking New Beginnings

The silences, the gaps and the empty spaces are as important as the words, the noise and mental floods in a year’s diary.

These silences may hold great tragedy or daily joy, but most important it holds the emotions that have not yet found the courage to be voiced. Conflict hides in the gaps, slithers along the sides of empty spaces and holds its voice to make room for the silence, which is full of words still needing digestion.

February 7 — Cold wraps around us all this winter, even down in South Texas. The ocean winds make the temperature seem more extreme. Austin is having a winter like North Texas.

Red Button. Glass Bead.8.2014Yesterday, I was looking through old journal entries, entries written in books in pencil, pen or crayon, when I happened upon a dream of my father. Falling into rabbit holes, looking at old photographs and special items saved for paintings, collage and bookmarks. This year is the year of bookmarks. Searching and re-searching for answers. Life as art — this should be in quotes from somewhere out there.

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