Losing the drive to make art

Beginning in November 2016, after the election results came in, I began losing the drive to create. Not immediately, but slowly, silently, barely noticeable at first. Some artists went right to work, jumping in to make their mark, hoping for monetary returns or making political commentary. Not me.

Oh, I did a painting early in the year and finished another, but ultimately, I slowly shut down. No reading or writing; no sketching or painting. It has evolved into a nothingness, as if being in a constant state of darkness. Oh, I continued my seed collecting and hired a gardener, something I had not done, to landscape my yard. I put creative energy into my front and back yard. But mostly, I was empty.

I took photos. I meditated.

I think about creating constantly. It is like being in a creative hibernation.

I know it only hurts me. I know.

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